Pandemic effect on weddings going forward.

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The last few months has been a hugely stressful time for brides and their families.   Covid 19 Stopping weddings for a while has forced couples to re look at the type of weddings planned and what getting married really means to them.

It would seem going forward we could be about to notice a change in the wedding industry.  BC (before Covid)  Venues were having a huge impact on weddings and how they looked.which has made for an eggs all in one basket situation.
Most venues have recommended suppliers who in turn rely on the venue.
During lockdown some couples opted for a marriage rather than a wedding and a seperate party at a later date.  Weddings became much smaller.
We could be on the edge of change where the marriage and reception are separate and that the couple choose individual unique suppliers recommended by friends and family.
Going forward I feel couples will want more flexible options  from venues and suppliers   This time has taught us life can change quickly and what is important is really the couple and life after the wedding.
I think this is an opportunity for the industry to return to a more tradition meaning of weddings which seems to have been taken over by celebrity and instagram.  We as an industry should be able to offer personal ideas and individual solutions which are flexible in the event of a crisis.
This could be the opportunity to make each wedding truly individual and tailored to the couple.
Those working in the wedding industry are a creative bunch and will use this time as an opportunity to re energise the industry.
I work with faux flowers which is becoming a more popular option due to the low stress and the fact in the worst scenario they can be packed away.  They can also be easily moved between venues even if they are on different days.  Intimate family weddings with flowers to keep forever could be the new normal.


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