What About Weddings

What About Weddings

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Traditionally, this Saturday would be the busiest day of the wedding season annually. However, instead:

• 133,560 people will not go to work.

• Because 4,452 weddings will not take place in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

• An additional 213,696 workers will not have provided their services.

• A total of 347,256 workers will be impacted in just one day.

• The total direct spend on weddings annually is £14.7bn – £9.4bn on the day itself, £3.2bn spend on retail (outfits, rings, gift list) and £2.1bn on travel, tourism and pre-wedding events (honeymoon, stag & hen, wedding weekend related travel and tourism).

• This means that weddings contribute more to the economy than live sports events and three times that of live arts and cultural events.

• Approx. 250,000 people depend on work related to delivering the day itself with an estimated 150,000 more in support functions – a total of 400,000 involved in weddings.


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