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This weeks Sunday Spotlight is Entire Production Services Ltd

Where are you based & what areas do you cover?
We are based in Buckinghamshire, however travel all over the UK, and are close on the border to Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, London. We have regular work in Essex, Surrey.

What services does your business offer?
We offer the Entire Technical Solutions. So from Lighting, either venue uplighters through to disco lighting, controlled to go in time with the music or just flash flash.

Sound systems, either for speeches, bands, wedding singers and more.

Staging, to lift up the evening entertainment or raise your top table so the couple can make eye contact with everyone without people sat in the way.

LED dance floors, with colour changing LED’s, because who doesn’t like a dance!

Magic Mirror because It’s not a small booth you can only fit a few people in without getting crushed.

We are not your main photographers, who should be amazing, it’s there job to capture the laughs, the smiles, the tears of joy, the heartfelt moments. With them taking these pictures mingling with the guests finding the moments like 2 relatives that haven’t spoken in so long embrace in a warm hug of love that priceless moment.

The guests up for a laugh can take their pictures, have them straight away, and the main photographer isn’t distracted of your guests irreplaceable moments.

Drapes, because sometimes its nice to have a better backdrop, some parts of venues you want to disguise a bit and make look pretty!

We’ve also invested in some marquee’s, great for outdoor cover or creating your perfect wedding space.

What 3 words would you say would describe your business?
Personal, Enjoyable, Committed

How and when did you first get started in the wedding industry?
I started working with bands and theatres, then got a lot of bands booking me for weddings. After working with quite a few I realised it’s amazing that they are so similar, I talk and take direction from a couple (previously a director), build things and create stunning environments, attention to detail, then make sure it goes without a problem. But with a wedding its a couples choice, happiness is infectious.

For couples booking your category of business what would you say is the most important thing for them to look for?
knowledge! and being happy to talk.

I don’t have sales reps working for me, we are not always instant at replying, would you like me at your wedding nose deep in e-mails or checking everything is right.

I will get to you, I take YOUR requirements and do that, a company with a sales rep knows what makes them the most money and will push you that way.

Honesty, I’ve talked about requirements to some people and explained how the top end option isn’t right for them, this saves them money, and lowered what I made, but I can walk away from that job happy that I’ve provided what they needed and wanted.

On average how many weddings do you do a year?
I tried to work this out, but it’s so hard, we have a large warehouse full of equipment to make sure the right thing is sent. Some Days we have had 5 jobs out at different places, some small jobs some big jobs.

Then we work with some other companies and they’ve had weddings out we didn’t even know the equipment was going to another wedding.

We are capable of handling a lot, we have a nice list of freelancers who are given direct instructions of requirements, plus any project manager who talked to you about the job is always on the other end of the phone to discuss.

What makes you most excited about weddings?
The biggest day of your lives! Lets get it right! With a room and people smiling how can you not feel warm and happy inside.

What would be your most important piece of advice to couples just starting with wedding planning?
Sit down together and work out what you want! Every one is different, from white weddings, to festival weddings, boho weddings, it’s your day, your dreams!

At the end of a busy wedding, how do you wind down?
I love driving, so the honest wind down is the drive home, enjoying just the road watching things go by.

What is your most popular service/item/product ?
At the moment my most popular services is the Marquees, people have canceled some venues to have these set up in their garden so they can dress it and have the reception at home, saving them a fortune giving them the space to set up well in advance. After that it’s our sound and lighting, making everything hear, and beautifully lit up.

What would be the first 3 things that you advise couples to book?
The first 3 things I suggest to book, 1) venue 2) registrar, without these the wedding can’t happen or be legal. 3) It depends completely what type of wedding you want, there’s no exact list.

Do you have any current offers to share with readers?
We are doing free Guest books with our magic mirror, usually £25 we print a second copy of every photo and slide it in for your guests to sign. We had it if you book and get deposit down in August, but have decided to extend it throughout September too.

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