The Wedding Sector Needs Your Support

The Wedding Sector Needs Your Support

The wedding sector is currently on its knees, the Covid19 pandemic has completely decimated weddings & events, a sector which is worth over £10bn a year.
Each year there are more than a quarter of a million weddings held in the UK, with the majority of these held between April – September.

So far none of the support schemes the Government has come up with are of any benefit to the majority of suppliers in the weddings and events sector.
Imagine what would happen if it were the banking sector that was facing the same devastating demise that the events sector is facing.
Wedding suppliers are being hit from all sides, as well as the lack of support from the Government they are also being subjected to demands from customers for immediate refunds, a lot of these businesses have used up their cash reserves trying to keep a roof over their heads and feed their families for the past 6 months.

The wedding sector urgently needs proper support, this isn’t about demanding more people at events or reinstating weddings as we know them, we all know that realistically this can’t happen right now, this is about stopping people going bankrupt, stopping families losing their homes and enabling suppliers to be able to feed their families. We are aware of a number of suppliers who have already had no option to shut their business because none of the support packages have helped them, this is devastating news and this is only going to get worse.
Most wedding suppliers have had no work since March 2020 and it is looking unlikely that weddings are getting back to any sort of normality until Spring 2021 at the very earliest.

Wedding suppliers work very hard and work extremely long hours to create the perfect wedding to give couples the big day they have always dreamed of, now more than ever these suppliers need your support. These businesses have mostly been built from scratch, under a huge amount of stress, blood, sweat and more than a few tears, it takes years to build a successful business in the wedding sector but unless the Government acts now many of these businesses will be wiped out in just a few short months.

A huge proportion of businesses in the wedding sector are run by the self employed, extremely dedicated hard working people who are often not given the credit they deserve and haven’t for decades, most have not been eligible for any of the Government support schemes as the qualifying criteria are too narrow, they then slip between the cracks, and the Government still refuse to support the sector.

On 29th September 2020 Ed Miliband said in parliament that “there are over 1m people employed in sectors currently shut down, including weddings, events and nightclubs. The Chancellor last week refused to support them because he said they were not viable, but the reason the businesses are shut is because they are rightly following the Government’s public health guidance to help tackle the virus”.
Alok Sharma (Secretary of State For Business) was asked by Ed Miliband if he agreed that it was “Wrong, insulting and terrible for our long term economic future as a country to write off as unviable these businesses and jobs which provide livelihoods for so many people in our country”
Alok Sharma has suggested that people in this sector should simply get better jobs or turn to the welfare system.

How Can You Help

You can help raise awareness, by using the power of social media, this is by far the quickest and easiest way to get a message to huge amounts of people very quickly, please share this post far and wide, adding your story in your post and use the hashtags #WeAreViable & #SupportingWeddingsAndEvents
Please feel free to use the image below as your profile picture as a sign of solidarity with the events sector, simply right click and save.

You can also get in touch with your local MP and make sure they are fully aware of how devastating this issue is for the sector.
Click HERE to find your local MP’s contact details

Finally please remember that suppliers are having a very hard time right now, with virtually no income, if you are planning your big day please be patient and try to postpone rather than cancel wherever you can.

Please be compassionate and empathetic to people who are self employed, their world is crumbling around them and they are haven’t been thrown the same lifeline as many other sectors.


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