Sunday Spotlight – The Wellbeing Farm

This weeks Sunday Spotlight is the fabulous Wellbeing Farm in Bolton

Wellbeing farm1

Photo credit: Martyn Hand Photography

Where are you based & what areas do you cover?
We are a venue based in Bolton, Lancashire

What services does your business offer?
We offer magical Weddings and Events with the WOW Factor!

What 3 words would you say would describe your business?
Fun, Unique, Magical

Wellbeing farm3

Photo credit: Chris McGloin

How and when did you first get started in the wedding industry?
The business started in 2013 as a café and wellbeing centre. It wasn’t until later on that we were suggested to do weddings, but once we started, we couldn’t stop!

For couples booking your category of business what would you say is the most important thing for them to look for?
Something that’s quirky, flexible and sustainable.

On average how many weddings do you do a year?
Approximately 60 a year

Wellbeing farm2

Photo credit: Martyn Hand Photography

What makes you most excited about weddings?
The buzz! Our weddings are always so much fun; in fact it is as much of a blast for the staff working the event as it is for the couple and their guests!

What would be your most important piece of advice to couples just starting with wedding planning?
Enjoy the process. It goes by a lot quicker than you would expect; if you do stress, it’s perfectly natural, and know that you’ve got support from your family, friends and suppliers.

At the end of a busy wedding, how do you wind down?
I like to have a big glass of wine and put my feet up at the end of the day

Wellbeing farm4

Photo credit: Shane Webber Photography

What is your most popular item?
We usually sell large summer weddings for 80 plus guests, with a relaxed atmosphere

What would be the first 3 things that you advise couples to book?
Registrars, insurance and photographer

Do you have any current offers to share with readers?
We have the Twilight Package which is for Monday-Thursday from January 2021. It’s perfect for those looking for a late ceremony then straight into a big party!


The Wellbeing Farm
Wheatsheaf Hill Farm
Plantation Rd

01204 852 113

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What About Weddings

What About Weddings

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Traditionally, this Saturday would be the busiest day of the wedding season annually. However, instead:

• 133,560 people will not go to work.

• Because 4,452 weddings will not take place in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

• An additional 213,696 workers will not have provided their services.

• A total of 347,256 workers will be impacted in just one day.

• The total direct spend on weddings annually is £14.7bn – £9.4bn on the day itself, £3.2bn spend on retail (outfits, rings, gift list) and £2.1bn on travel, tourism and pre-wedding events (honeymoon, stag & hen, wedding weekend related travel and tourism).

• This means that weddings contribute more to the economy than live sports events and three times that of live arts and cultural events.

• Approx. 250,000 people depend on work related to delivering the day itself with an estimated 150,000 more in support functions – a total of 400,000 involved in weddings.


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